Enhanced Administrator Experience in VMware Identity Manager 19.03

April 15, 2019

Enhanced Administrator Experience in VMware Identity Manager 19.03

Find out what's new in the admin console of VMware Identity Manager 19.03.

As an administrator, the 19.03 release of VMware Identify Manager brings changes to the admin console that make your life a whole lot easier! You can see some of these changes in action at:


Changes to the admin console include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for PFX Certificate files – VMware Identify Manager now supports PFX certificate files. In previous releases, only PEM format was supported. You can always use the default self-signed certificate, but in some implementations, you might want to use a trusted certificate instead. With the new PFX certificate files, this is easier to do.
  • Wizard-based Virtual Apps Collection – It is now easier for you to add Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and Citrix resources into your VMware Identity Manager. This change also means you can use the Workspace ONE UEM console to configure the Virtual App Collection. You do it through a wizard which guides you along and makes sure you don’t miss anything. For example, the wizard automatically opens the Assign Pods to Network Ranges window for you, a detail that is easy to forget.
  • Enhanced Time Sync Settings - The new release makes it easier to change time sync settings from the web UI. You can specify an NTP server without using the Linux console. The default is still to rely on the underlying ESXi host for time synchronization.
  • Enhanced System Diagnostics Dashboard - With the new release, keeping your finger on the pulse of your VMware Identity Manager implementation is easier. New additional diagnostic checks are now available on the dashboard. You can also now load and refresh each section of the System Diagnostic Dashboard independently, which makes the load time go by faster.

High Availability for Directory Sync - The new release now supports high availability for directory sync. Previous versions supported only one connector for directory sync, so in the event of a failure, you had to scramble to manually switch to an alternative connector. Now you can configure multiple Active Directory sync connectors for directory sync. If VMware Identity Manager Service detects a failure, it automatically switches to the next appropriate connector instead.

For more details

You can see these enhancements in action in the Enhanced Administrator Experience video mentioned above. For more information, see VMware Identity Manager 19.03 Release Notes.


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