December 02, 2019

Don't Miss These 5 Videos about Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure!

Don't miss this set of videos designed to give you a basic introduction and understanding of VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. VMware experts give you the scoop on the VMware Horizon Cloud Service suite and Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure, including demos of the Control Plane user interface, dashboard, Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS) including reports and analytics, Power Management, and more.

In the following set of videos, our leading experts provide the basic information to help you get started on Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure, which provides you with the ability to pair your existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure with the VMware Horizon Cloud Service.

Horizon Cloud delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including fully managed infrastructure from VMware and public cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure. The service supports a cloud-scale architecture that makes it easy to deliver virtualized Windows desktops and applications to any device, anytime.

Architecting Horizon Cloud on Azure

The new Architecting VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure video is one of a series about using Workspace ONE and Horizon Cloud Service to architect your own end-user computing solutions. In this video, Graeme discusses architecture and design using Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure.

Starting with design concepts, Graeme introduces you to the Control Plane, adds your existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure to the mix, and considers tossing in an optional on-premises infrastructure. He covers disaster recovery considerations, networking, DNS and Active Directory, proper licensing, and more.

For the full architecture, see VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Horizon Reference Architecture.

Expert Series video

In this Experts Series video, Rick gives Andy a brief introduction to Horizon Cloud Service on Azure, and answers some basic questions about costs, benefits, how it works, and when it would be most advantageous to implement and when not to.

VMware Horizon Cloud: What's New video

In the following video, Rick demonstrates some of the latest features and enhancements in Horizon Cloud Service and Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure. He shows off the new look and feel of the user interface, designed to enhance usability across different screen resolutions. See the dashboard in action as he visually displays the health capacity data from all connected nodes, the built-in and customizable reports, and Cloud Monitoring Service (CMS), which allows you to have some control over data collection and display:

Easy Upgrades video

In this video, Josh gives you a detailed overview of Horizon Cloud Service on Azure, and a detailed walk-through of its key features. He introduces the key players that make up the service: your Horizon Cloud nodes, the Control Plane, which you interact with to manage your Horizon Cloud nodes, and of course, your existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure. One of the benefits of this service is that it requires minimal time and effort to upgrade. Josh demonstrates how easy this process is, as well as what to do if you want to roll back an upgrade.

Back-to-Basics video

In the following video, Jim and Josh give you the low down on VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure. Jim tells you what it’s like as an IT administrator--how it saves time because you don’t have to manage physical infrastructure. How you can respond quickly to increased demand by bursting capacity, and how you can save money using the built-in power management features to reduce consumption costs. Josh tells what it’s like as an end user--how easy it is to use it anywhere he happens to be, and on any device, with no fuss. He can leave his document open on one device, switch to another device, and pick up right where he left off:

What next? The Activity Path!

If you're wondering where to go from here, check out the Activity Path: Master Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Following this Activit path will give you the skills to make the most out of your Horizon Cloud Service on Azure infrastructure.

Master Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure


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