June 25, 2023

Desktop Lifecycle Management page NOW LIVE on Tech Zone

The new Desktop Lifecycle Management page is now live - check out this post for all the details.

Managing desktop operating systems can be a challenging task for any IT professional. You need to keep track of the latest updates, security patches, compatibility issues, and performance optimization. You also need to plan for the end of support and migration of your desktop operating systems to newer versions.

Workspace ONE enables admins to manage the lifecycle of Desktop Operating systems, such as Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS in a single administrative portal.

To simplify the management lifecycle of all these different operating systems, we have created a dedicated Desktop Lifecycle Management page that covers the different aspects of managing the different desktop operating system types. These resources cover VMware best practices, architecture design principles, and end-user adoption strategies.

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On this page, as you navigate through the tabs, you will find useful information and resources on how to:

  • Configure the Workspace ONE Platform
    This section contains Evaluation and Quick start guides that will guide you through setting up a cloud-native Workspace ONE environment. These guides will show you how to create an account, enroll devices, assign policies and applications, and monitor your desktop fleet.
  • Onboarding Devices
    Whether employees work remotely or in the office, it is essential to streamline and automate the process of device onboarding. VMware Workspace ONE UEM enables Windows 10/11 and macOS devices to enroll automatically without any manual intervention.
  • Policy & Security
    Profiles are essential for managing and configuring devices in Workspace ONE UEM. You can use different profiles to connect to and protect various resources, as well as to restrict and control devices.
  • Application Lifecycle Management
    Deliver the full app lifecycle across all types of apps. The Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub brings a unified self-service app catalog with SSO to all applications.
  • OS Patching
    Patching is vital for businesses that want to maintain the security and performance of their systems and software. Patching involves applying updates or fixes to address bugs, vulnerabilities, or compatibility issues that could affect the functionality or usability of a system or software.
  • Integrations
    One of the benefits of Workspace ONE is that it has a wide ecosystem of partners for integration, such as trust network partners, enabling notifications, and other features. These partners help you enhance your security, productivity, and user experience with Workspace ONE.
  • Troubleshooting Desktop Platforms
    Sometimes you may face problems that affect your productivity and performance. In such cases, you can use this troubleshooting guide to identify and fix the common issues with Workspace ONE. The guide covers topics such as installation, configuration, connectivity, security, and updates. By following the steps and recommendations in this guide, you can ensure that Workspace ONE works smoothly and efficiently for you.

We hope that this page will help you simplify and streamline your desktop management process and ensure that your desktop operating systems are always secure, reliable, and productive.


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