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February 28, 2022

Today marks the end of our journey with the Git Commit(ted) to </Dev> Resources blog series! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed all of the content our team brought you this month. I wanted to thank all of our outstanding contributors and our team who helped review and publish all of the resources that were part of this series. This month you learned how to get started with the Workspace ONE UEM, Workspace ONE Access, Workspace ONE Intelligence, Horizon, Unified Access Gateway, and Hub Notifications APIs to fully implement an end-to-end solution using these APIs. Additionally, we provided you with some foundational content around APIs, using Postman, OAuth, and a few pro tips and tricks to becoming an API boss!

Announcing the Git Commit(ted) to </Dev> Resources (Focus Page or Activity Path)

But wait, there’s more! I am excited to announce that our commitment to bringing you developer and API-focused content isn’t stopping with this blog series. All of the content from this month is conveniently listed at the end of the first Let's Git Commit(ted) to Dev Resources blog. This allows you to bookmark and quickly reference all the content related to leveraging EUC’s APIs that we covered. As we add more content, it will be added to this list. Please help us share this content with your network, and send your constructive feedback to to let us know how our team did! We intend to take the blogs that get the most views and feedback and promote them to tutorials. This would allow us to dive even deeper, and to provide more solutions-driven examples for using the APIs.

Git Commit(ted) Contributor Spotlight

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge and thank our contributors, many of whom contributed outside of their daily duties at VMware. The names are listed in alphabetical order, and a star * denotes leads and those who helped plan the content:

Andreano Lanusse

Staff EUC Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware. Andreano has extensive experience across the VMware EUC portfolio, having led some of VMware’s largest scale Digital Workspace deployments in the financial sector. His current focus is on Workspace ONE Intelligence, Unified Access Gateway (UAG), and security across the VMware EUC stack.

Chris Halstead

Sr. Staff EUC Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware.

Chris has over 25 years of experience in the EUC field as a customer, partner, and VMware employee. He has authored 8 VMware Flings and worked across all areas of EUC, and is currently supporting all things Horizon.

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Christian Bell

Consulting Architect, End User Computing. Christian brings years of broad expertise to help the world’s largest companies modernize their technical infrastructure. His work interweaves experience in technology, design, communications, and ministry.

Cindy Carroll

Technical Marketing Manager, End User Computing, VMware.

Cindy is a Technical Writer Manager in VMware’s End-User Computing Technical Marketing department with over 20 years of experience communicating software concepts online.

Dileep Thiagarajan

Senior Product Manager, End User Computing, VMware. Dileep has been working at VMware since 2014, and as part of its Multi-Cloud strategy. He is focused on providing customers the ability to consistently manage their Horizon deployments across multiple

Graeme Gordon

EUC Technical Marketing Strategist, VMware. o Graeme is a Senior Staff Architect on our VMware EUC Technical Marketing team. In this role, he develops technical deep dives and reference architecture papers for Workspace ONE and Horizon. Additionally, he helps develop tools that assist the implementation of VMware EUC solutions.

Josue Negron*

Staff EUC Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware. Josué works with customers to define the best way to integrate the latest EUC technologies into their businesses to solve challenges associated with Windows 10 deployment, management, and security.

Justin Sheets*

Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware. Justin focuses on building internal and external facing tools and hands-on labs. He works with Technical Marketing to produce technical assets focusing on Workspace ONE UEM.

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Matt Frey

Consulting Architect, EUC Consulting, VMware. Matt collaborates with customers to accelerate their adoption of VMware's Digital Workspace portfolio to meet the ever-growing needs of their end users, with a focus on Horizon and automation.

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Partheeban Kandasamy

Senior Product Manager for Hub Services. He started as a web developer and has been in various customer advocacy roles within VMware. His passion lies in enabling customers to solve hard problems with great solutions through innovative and intuitive products.

Rob Terakedis*

Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware. Rob is an expert for all things Apple and Workspace ONE with over 16 years of experience, with roles spanning Enterprise Mobility solutions, Microsoft server technologies, storage, and network infrastructure.

Sascha Warno

Staff EUC Architect, Technical Marketing, VMware. Sascha mastered Workspace ONE UEM before shifting focus to Identity and Access Management. He has provided his expertise in Sales, Customer Success, and now Workspace ONE Access.

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Scot Curry

Sr. Staff Solutions Engineer, End User Computing, VMware. Scot Curry has been with VMware via AirWatch for over 9 years working with several Enterprise EUC accounts. Scot has been helping customers implement the latest technologies from the EUC product portfolio.

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Ty Edwards

Consultant in the Professional Services Organization at VMware. Ty's primary focus is helping customers implement and adopt VMware's EUC products with a focus on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 deployment, as well as VMware's identity management solution Workspace ONE Access.

* Denotes contributors who were leads and helped plan the content.

That’s a </Wrap>

Thank you all again for embarking on this journey with us! Hopefully, you are more comfortable getting started with and leveraging the EUC APIs. Be sure to subscribe to the Digital Workspace Tech Zone Blog RSS and bookmark the new focus page. Again, we want to hear from you! If you have feedback, please email us at We hope that you are comfortable leveraging code samples, VMware Flings, scripting/coding, and leveraging the EUC APIs to automate your workspace!

You can also follow us on Twitter @EUCTechZone to stay updated on the latest EUC content!


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