Connector Migration Tool and Upgrade to VMware Identity Manager 19.03

April 23, 2019

Connector Migration Tool and 3.3 to 19.03 Upgrade

The 19.03 release of VMware Identify Manager includes a nifty little migration tool to help you migrate Connectors when you upgrade from version 3.3 to 19.03.

You can see both the 3.3 to 19.03 upgrade process and the Connector migration tool demonstrated at:

When you upgrade from VMware Identity Manager 3.3 to 19.03, new changes await. One of these is that the VMware Identity Manager Connector running on Linux has been end-of-lifed, along with the embedded Connector on the VMware Identity Manager Service. That means you’ll now deploy an external Windows-based Connector. As you leave your Linux Connectors, or Windows and Linux embedded Connectors behind, we offer a migration tool to help you migrate to an external Windows-based Connector.

By the way, you might have done a double-take at the thought of upgrading from version 3.3 to version 19.03 of VMware Identify Manager. But you heard right! The 19.03 release introduces a new versioning method based on year and month. Not only is the new method more logical, but it also dovetails nicely with related products such as the Workspace ONE UEM console.

For more details

You can see these enhancements in action and how the configuration is done in the Connector Migration Tool and Upgrade video mentioned above. For more information, see VMware Identity Manager 19.03 Release Notes.


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