Community Series Episode #6: Becoming an EUC vExpert

January 21, 2021

Our sixth episode of Expert Talk: Community Series is now live! This month, we tried something new and spoke with Brian Madden, Senior Lead Field Technologist, and Ron Oglesby, Staff EUC Architect at VMware, about what it takes to become an EUC vExpert.  


Together, we all work closely on communities, especially on the EUC vExpert program. The EUC vExpert program started last year in 2020. With the new application period for EUC vExperts opening at the end of February, we thought the timing was right to discuss what we’re looking to do in 2021.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of some of the major community programs from other vendors
  • What we’ve learned from those programs
  • The evolution of the EUC Champions program into EUC vExperts
  • How we’re evolving the program in 2021 and the type of applications we’re looking for

And before you go! Last month, we discussed Getting Started with Horizon Automation Tools with Wouter Kursten, Chris Haldstead, and Andrew Morgan. Check it out in video or podcast if you haven’t yet!


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