Community Series Episode #5: Getting Started with Horizon Automation Tools

December 16, 2020

Our fifth episode of Expert Talk: Community Series is now live! In this show, we dive deep into the minds of IT professionals from all around the world. We’ll learn what works, best practices, and overall recipes for success in designing, deploying, and managing VMware End-User Computing technology. Last month, we discussed Achieving the VCDX Certification for Desktop and Mobility with Maarten Caus and Sean Massey.

Episode #5: Getting Started with Horizon Automation Tools

This month, we switch it up and talk to Wouter Kursten, Andrew Morgan, and Chris Haldstead about Getting Started with Horizon Automation Tools.


Wouter Kursten is our community guest this week, and he’s a Professional Services Engineer at ControlUp, a great VMware partner. Wouter is a pillar in the Horizon community, participating as a certification expert for the VCAP7-DTM Design and VCAP-DTM 2020 Deploy exams, a contributor to the vmware.hv.helper PowerShell module, creator of the vCheck for Horizon script, VMUG speaker, EUC vExpert, and the person behind the highly valuable blog at