Community Series Episode #2: Managing Windows 10 with Workspace ONE

September 09, 2020

Our second episode of Expert Talk: Community Series is now live! In this show, we dive deep into the minds of IT professionals from all around the world. We’ll learn what works, best practices, and overall recipes for success in designing, deploying, and managing VMware End-User Computing technology. Last month, we discussed VDI Design Essentials with Johan van Amersfoort.

Episode #2: Managing Windows 10 with Workspace ONE

This month we switch it up and talk to Michael Troelstrup and Josué Negrón about Managing Windows 10 with Workspace ONE.

Michael is a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Tech Orchard, where he helps customers on their journey to the digital workspace.



In this episode, we discuss:

  • The Out of Box Experience (OOBE) with Windows 10
  • Application deployment
  • Keeping Windows up to date, including security updates
  • Tools like the App Repository and Workspace ONE AirLift
  • Resources for success like the Windows 10 Management Activity Path on Tech Zone

In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Michael’s irrational fear of spiders and what NOT to do on a conference call!

You won’t want to miss the first episode of Expert Talk: Community Series! If you prefer the Podcast version of the show, you can listen in HERE.


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