February 08, 2019

Brian Madden explains VMware Workspace ONE & EUC Vision: 1-hour white board video

In this hour-long video, Brian Madden explains his interpretation of VMware Workspace ONE and VMware's long-term vision for EUC. If you're meeting with anyone from VMware soon, you should watch this first to set the stage for your conversation!

In my job at VMware, I've traveled to 20 countries and 25 U.S. states since joining the company less than a year ago. During that time, I've met with over 150 customers to explain our vision for EUC, and to understand their direction and requirements. Most of my meetings are only an hour or two, which means half the meeting is spent with me talking (which means I'm not listening). Even worse is the fact that my standard hour-long "talk" is pretty much the same for everyone. Not only is it boring for me to give the same talk over and over, it means we waste a lot of potential conversation time going over the basics.

To rectify this, I've just recorded an hour-long light board video with Johan van Amersfoort of ITQ when I was at their office in The Netherlands a few weeks ago.

My goal is that I will share this video with every customer I'm meeting with before I meet with them. If they watch it first, then we can maximize our meeting time to focus on their specific issues and vision, and we can have a real, nuanced conversation about where they're going and how we can help. Of course, not everyone will be able to watch this ahead of time, so in those cases, I'll pretty much just spend the hour giving this exact talk on their white board instead. (Maybe eventually I'll be bold enough to fire up YouTube on my laptop, press play, and sit back.)

So if you want to know how I view VMware Workspace ONE, how I view the future of EUC, and what I'm most excited about, watch the video below. If you have questions, then reach out to your local VMware team and let's talk about it!


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