October 06, 2022

Are you new to VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE?

Are you new to VMware Horizon and Workspace ONE? Have you ever wondered what's the difference between Workspace ONE and Workspace ONE UEM? Find the answer to this and other newbie questions in the "What-Is?" series!

Are you curious about Workspace ONE and Horizon – but don’t have time to find out?

The “What-Is” series will answer your questions! These articles are factual and informative—succinct descriptions of what each product is, followed by key features, basic architecture, and where to go for more:

Each article includes embedded videos that bring the concepts to your fingertips.

VMware Workspace ONE

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What Is Workspace ONE? explains how Workspace ONE integrates unified endpoint management, application management, and access control into a single platform. And with integrated intelligence, how it enables you to deliver a digital workspace without sacrificing security and control.

VMware Horizon 8

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What Is VMware Horizon? helps you understand how Horizon 8 provides a single, modern platform for rapidly deploying fully featured, personalized virtual desktops and apps.

VMware Workspace ONE UEM

What Is VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)? describes how Workspace ONE UEM serves as a single solution for modern, over-the-air management of desktops, mobile, rugged, wearables, and IoT. In this demo, we show how Workspace ONE UEM can help manage MacOS, Android, iOS and Windows endpoints while delivering a great end-user experience.

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

What Is VMware Dynamic Environment Manager? helps you understand how it's a great solution for profile management, combining the ease of managing application and persona settings with providing end users with a personalized desktop experience across any virtual, physical, and cloud-based Windows desktop environment.

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Each article includes the main concepts, features, and basic architecture of each asset. And each article is packed with tips on where to go to find more information. Make sure to check them out:


BTW – We’d love it if you let us know if these articles were helpful. And especially, if you’d like to see more articles like these!

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