Announcing an Update to the Blast Extreme Optimization Guide

March 31, 2020

This first update to the Blast Extreme Optimization Guide adds information about VMware’s new Blast Codec.

First introduced in Horizon 7.10, the Blast Codec provides an excellent user experience while using significantly less network and system resources than competing options. Also included is expanded information on how to configure key Blast Extreme settings, recommendations on when to use the Encoder Switch, and guidance for supporting Work-from-Home and Home-Office-to-Cloud use cases.

See the list below for even more and stay tuned! We have big plans for Blast Extreme and a backlog of topics we want to cover in future releases of this guide.

  • Added information about the Blast Codec, and new details on using the encoder switch.
  • Expanded the guidance on how to enable different codecs and verify the running configuration.
  • Added information on using Network Quality-of-Service (Qos) to prioritize Blast Extreme.
  • Added recommendations for supporting work-from-home and home-office-to-cloud use cases.
  • Added details about OpenGL and DirectX compatibility with hardware GPUs in remoted physical PCs.
  • Added guidance on the benefits of HTML5 multimedia redirection.
  • Added new observations on the impact of increasing screen resolution on key system resources.

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Mark Ewert

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Mark Ewert has been working in IT for over 25 years, with nearly two decades’ hands-on experience with VMware technologies. Specializing in IT architecture on every scale, Mark has designed hundreds of successful solutions for organizations of all sizes and verticals. Since first joining VMware in 2008, Mark has focused on helping customers succeed with their end-user computing endeavors, as well as being named a VMworld 2019 Distinguished Speaker. One of his key roles as Senior Product Line Manager on the VMware Desktop Product Management team is leading the effort to benchmark and develop comprehensive guidance for VMware Blast Extreme.