Announcing: Newly Updated Understanding Windows 10 Activity Path

March 29, 2021

Now announcing the fresh, new, and recently updated Understanding Window 10 Management. This activity path makes sense of the complexities of Windows 10 management by offering curated assets in the form of videos, podcasts, and guides.


The Understanding Window 10 Management activity path takes you all the way from getting started to troubleshooting, and points in between: adopting and migration, device onboarding, setting up policies and baselines, deploying apps, updating, integrations, and more. Each module has been re-energized with new and updated content.

And a brand new module has been added—Case-Studies & Communities—which plugs you in to a trove of customer stories, best practices, proofs of concept, and real-world experiences.


Check it out: Understanding Window 10 Management!


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