Announcing a New Guide for Deploying and Configuring Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams with VMware Horizon 8

December 17, 2020

If you are interested in providing a better experience with Microsoft Teams to your virtual desktop users, check out the new guide Microsoft Teams Optimization with VMware Horizon. This feature provides an enhanced end-user experience and accelerated performance during calls and screensharing with Microsoft Teams through a virtual desktop.

With the Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams feature, data from audio-video calls and screensharing is transmitted directly to the local endpoint through a physical channel that opens on the local physical device. This allows for decreased network traffic and load on the data center without affecting the way users interact with Microsoft Teams through the virtual desktop.

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Figure 1: Flow for the Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams Feature

This new guide for installing and configuring Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams with Horizon provides you with the following information:

  • System requirements, important considerations, and a procedure for enabling the GPO for Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams on the Horizon Agent
  • Instructions for turning off the software acoustic echo cancellation for low-powered thin client devices
  • Troubleshooting workflow for Media Optimization for Microsoft Teams
  • Guidelines for collecting logs from the virtual desktop, the client device, and the Microsoft Teams app

For these details and more, see Microsoft Teams Optimization with VMware Horizon.

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