August 06, 2020

I’m happy to announce we are releasing a new show that we call Expert Talk: Community Series. In this show, we’ll dive deep into the minds of IT professionals from all around the world. We’ll learn what works, best practices, and overall recipes for success in designing, deploying, and managing VMware End-User Computing technology. 

This long-form show will be released as a video on YouTube and as a podcast so that you can tune-in whichever way you like. Our goal is to release this show monthly, featuring a different IT professional and topic each month. We wanted to have fun with this show, so you’ll enjoy that it’s a bit more informal than other shows you’ve heard. I think you’ll like it.



In our first show, we discuss VDI Design Essentials with Johan van Amersfoort, Technologist at ITQ Consultancy in The Netherlands. Johan is not only an EUC Expert, but he’s a public speaker, author of the VDI Design Guide, blogger, and an amazing community advocate.

Johan van Amersfoort

Johan has been involved in several dozen VDI deployments and several hundred thousand virtual desktops. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Optimizing base images
  • The importance of “know thy application”
  • The “bag of golf clubs” of application delivery methods
  • Tools for success in monitoring, optimizing, and managing your VDI deployment
  • Resources like articles and VMware Flings that you need to take advantage of

In addition, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about Johan’s most embarrassing IT moment and also his greatest one… I think he redeems himself pretty well! J

You can follow Johan on Twitter HERE, as well as his VDI Design GUIDE Twitter account HERE, where he tells us he will be asking the community to help him with the next edition of his VDI Design Guide book!

You won’t want to miss the first episode of Expert Talk: Community Series! LISTEN IN!

Podcast: Expert Talk - Community Series #1 - VDI Design Essentials

Video: Expert Talk - Community Series #1 - VDI Design Essentials


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